Plan Do Check Act Management Consulting Group provides specialized and internationally accredited training solutions in various fields such as Organizational Resilience, institutional excellence, strategic planning, services, improvement, innovation and other specialized programs. The group offers many training programs, which vary as seminars, workshops, specialized conferences and accredited training programs, provided by a group of international trainers and consultants with solid practical experience in the field.

The training services vary to include:

·      Coaching and Training: Coaching and mentoring can be effective approaches to developing employees’ skills. Both have grown in popularity, with many employers using them to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of their people around specific skills and goals. Having the better ROI needs to have better solutions which offered by this service by tracking to changes and give better guide.
·      Specialized international programs: we offer the opportunity for participants to participate in accredited international programs in many disciplines such as Organizational Resilience, Continuous Improvement, change management, future foresight, strategic planning and innovation.
·      Institutional programs: We study the training requirements for targeted institutions and individuals, in order to design and implement the institution’s training program in a way that ensures the achievement of the goals and requirements that the program has been designed to achieve, and measures the impact of training and knowledge transfer.

training Mechanisms:

·      Distance training courses: Our training programs are presented using modern technologies by linking the participants with the accredited trainer remotely while providing all the supporting characteristics during the training process, which give the program an atmosphere of interaction between the trainer and the participants and between the participants themselves.
·      In House training: The training provided in the workplace or in training rooms designated for training, taking into account all safety procedures
·      E-training: The team works in cooperation with international bodies such as the International Institute for Institutional Resilience to provide the opportunity for participants to register for e-training through an interactive electronic platform.


1.   Certified consultants and experts with extensive practical experience in the field

2.   Unique methodology based on international best practices

3.   Cooperation with international bodies and experts in providing training programs

4.   Interactive workshops focusing on practical implementation

5.   Performance measurement before and after the training process, in order to measure the impact and return from training, and to emphasize the achievement of the desired goals

Examples of programs offered by the group

1.   Certified Organizational Resilience Manager (American Institute of Organizational Resilience)

2.   Certified Governance Specialist (American Institute of Organizational Resilience)

3.   Government innovation and accelerators

4.   Global star system requirements

5.   Awareness programs and internal audits on various management systems

1.   Training programs for the health sector (according to JCI accreditation standards)

1)      Requirements for controlling and keeping medical records

Requirements and procedures for preventing infection in medical facilities

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